Our Team
Sajan George Sajan George

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Amy Swann Dr. Amy Swann

Chief Academic Officer

Sheila Corbin Sheila Corbin

Assistant Principal (Grades K-2)

Karen Wright Karen Wright

Assistant Principal (Grades 3-5)

Eric McGuire Eric McGuire

Assistant Principal (Grades 6-8)

Don Stewart Don Stewart

Director of Operations

Ann Schlosser Ann Schlosser

Director of Special Education

Tiffany Carson Tiffany Carson

Social Worker/Counselor

Natalie Woods Natalie Woods

Parent and Community Engagement Coordinator

Pamela R. Edwards Pamela R. Edwards

School Nurse

Wade Mitchell Wade Mitchell

Technology Manager

Felicia Clark Felicia Clark

Kindergarten Teacher

Brandy Purdue Brandy Purdue

Kindergarten Teacher

Lily Snyder Lily Snyder

Kindergarten Teacher

Markie Soposky Markie Soposky

1st Grade Teacher

Sarah Terrell Sarah Terrell

1st Grade Teacher

Amanda Eckert Amanda Eckert

2nd Grade Teacher

Stephanie London Stephanie London

2nd Grade Teacher

Denise Morrow Denise Morrow

2nd Grade Teacher

Mariah Evans Mariah Evans

3rd Grade Teacher

Stacie Felker Stacie Felker

3rd Grade Teacher

Deanna Saylor Deanna Saylor

3rd Grade Teacher

Katy Himsel Katy Himsel

4th Grade Teacher

Sean Moore Sean Moore

4th Grade Teacher

Tricia Pollachek Tricia Pollachek

4th Grade Teacher

Tina Donahoe Tina Donahoe

5th Grade Teacher

Sandra Hunt Sandra Hunt

5th Grade Teacher

Mary Nabb Mary Nabb

5th Grade Teacher

Kyle Boyd Kyle Boyd

6th Grade Teacher

Melvin Ellis Melvin Ellis

6th Grade Teacher

Conner Beidelman Conner Beidelman

7th Grade Math Teacher

Jordanna Bilyeu Jordanna Bilyeu

7th Grade Science Teacher

Andrew Collins Andrew Collins

7th Grade ELA Teacher

Maria Maldonado Maria Maldonado

8th Grade Math Teacher

Brad White Brad White

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Jeff Mayo Jeff Mayo

Music Teacher

Tim Riley Tim Riley

Coding Teacher

Mariana VanDerMolen Mariana VanDerMolen

Art Teacher

Jacob Boser Jacob Boser

PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Emily Abrams Emily Abrams

Special Education Para Professional

Shay Glynn Shay Glynn

Special Education Teacher

Tom Huettner Tom Huettner

Special Education Teacher

Drew Dawson Drew Dawson

Restorative Teacher

Sandra Gutierrez Sandra Gutierrez

Instructional Assistant

Ronni Meier Ronni Meier

Instructional Aide

Sabrina Montes Sabrina Montes

Instructional Aide